The Post Test Survey



Grade on Test_________________


1. Which part of the exam was easiest for you? Why?

2. Which part of the exam was most difficult? Why?

3. Activities completed prior to exam:

Yes No

a. All required reading assignments

b. Review of lecture notes

c. Make study sheets from reading and lecture notes

d. Self-testing/reciting of material

e. Prediction of possible questions

f. Study with friends

g. Other:____________________________


4. Which of the above did you find most helpful in preparing for this exam?

5. How many hours did you spend preparing for the exam? On how many different days

did you study?

6. Did you feel prepared when you walked into the exam? Why or why not?

7. How might you study for the next exam in this course differently than you studied for

this exam?

Instructor Name: ___________________

Instructor Signature: __________________

Date: _____________________

Identifying the Problems you had with the Exam

1. Write the number of each item you missed in the top row of the chart.

2. Check each sentence that fits the missed question.

3. Total the checks in each row.

4. Look at the sentences with the highest totals and decide what you can do to get a better test score next time.


Learning Assistance Center
Loyola University Chicago 2005