How to Write Thesis

Writing Thesis Statements
- Identifies what a correct thesis is and provides an exercise to pick out correctly defined thesis statements

Thesis Statements
- Provides a variety of links concerning paraphrasing and quoting, citation, and it also offers samples

Writing a Thesis Statement - Purdue University - OWL (Online Writing Lab)
- Defines what a thesis statement is and explains different types of theses

How to Write a Thesis Statement - Indiana University - WTS (Writing Tutorial Services)
- Talks about what a thesis statement is and its purpose, and how to create it or develop it further

How to Write Introductions

Defining Subject and Thesis
- Shows how to write an introduction that correctly describes the thesis; examples of different introductions included.

Putting Together Your Thesis - The University of Texas at Austin - Undergraduate Writing Center
- A great site that reaches the desired how-to page through a series of links.

How to Write Essays

Writing Argumentative Essays Online Tutorial
- Step by Step Tutorial including a model essay

Argumentative Essay Tips
- Makes the common mistakes found in most papers apparent

The Persuasive Essay
- Talks about the common components required in an essay